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 Strings Instructor 

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For Instruction in Private and Group Lessons

Through Kaleidoscope Academy


Who We Are:  Kaleidoscope Academy is an outreach ministry of First Presbyterian Church of Snohomish, initiated in 2013, offering community education classes to persons of all ages in an instructional environment that affirms the abilities and talents God has given each individual and encourages those to be used for the glory of God.  The mission of Kaleidoscope Academy is to reflect the image of God to the people of God for the glory of God.  Instructors of Kaleidoscope Academy are people of faith encouraged and empowered to fulfill this mission by helping students to understand the world through the lens of faith, as appropriate to the instructional environment.

School Partnership:  Kaleidoscope Academy is in partnership with Snohomish Public Schools to offer strings instruction before and after school, in an effort to help the district build a strings program.  Kaleidoscope instructors are respectful of public school policies in terms of expressions of faith.

Position Description: Kaleidoscope Academy seeks one or more instructors to provide group and/or private strings instruction in violin, viola, and/or cello in the public schools, at our church location, and/ or through additional summer camp opportunities.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher.
  • Must demonstrate a high level of proficiency in violin, viola, or cello
  • Understanding of educational approaches to teaching music in a group setting and previous experience in strings instruction (private or group).
  • Profession of the Christian faith demonstrated through worship, service, and positive interactions with others.
  • Must be respectful of other religious perspectives and demonstrate appropriate restraint and discretion in expressing faith in a public school environment.
  • Must be available to teach group lessons before and after school (6:30 AM-5:00 PM) 2 to 5 days a week.
  • Must have a WA state driver’s license and provide own vehicle for transportation Must satisfactorily pass a criminal background check.
  • Training in a particular methodology (i.e. Suzuki, Mark O’Connor, Terry Shade) is valued and WA state certification in K-12 music (strings education emphasis) is beneficial – neither is required.

Job Requirements:

  • Instructor will create own lesson plans: incorporating age-appropriate skill building activities, developing student understanding of music theory, sight-reading skills, music history, and music appreciation.
  • Provide weekly group strings instruction for beginning & intermediate students of varied ages.
  • Offer to teach 30 min. private music lessons on schedule determined by instructor, in agreement with director.
  • Prepare students for music recitals and attend recitals.
  • Build a positive and respectful relationship with public school personnel.
  • Prepare and lead students in performing at school assemblies, concerts, and other events.
  • Create a positive learning environment in which the love of God is reflected to students, enabling students to recognize musical abilities as true gifts, and discovering the joy of using those gifts in self-expression.
  • Within the context of instruction at First Presbyterian Church, instructors are encouraged to incorporate the use of sacred music, scripture, acts of worship, etc. into instructional time as appropriate.
  • Within the context of instruction in the public schools, instruction will follow policies and guidelines of the public schools.
  • Communicate as needed by email & phone with schools, the director, students and their parents, regarding curriculum materials, class scheduling, and special events.
  • Instructor provides and maintains own instructional materials.
  • Receive training in and comply with all policies of Kaleidoscope Academy
  • Participate in annual reviews, which shall include evaluation surveys by students /and/ or parents

Hours, Schedule and Beginning Dates:

Hours, schedule of classes, and beginning date will be determined by student response to class offerings posted online. First Presbyterian Church makes no guarantee that a posted class will have students.

Compensation:  $35 per 45 min. group class; $17.50 for each 30 min. private lesson, subject to applicable taxes and withholdings.  This Instructor position is classified as non-exempt for purposes of state and federal minimum wage and overtime laws and is at-will.

Position Status:  As of September, 2017, additional string instructors are needed in viola, cello, and upright bass.  We are also interested in drum instructors.

Please email resumes to:  Ann Lewis, Director, Kaleidoscope Academy at

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