It’s All in the Name


A kaleidoscope is a toy – an instrument of play – which enables people to see things in a new way.  Three things are required to make a Kaleidoscope: light; a prism of  mirrors; and  fragments of  material., such as colored glass.  When the bits of broken glass  are reflected by the mirrors, they  become unique designs – whole and beautiful in their own way.  But  light is critical for the kaleidoscope to function.

Our lives can be like that as well: each of us broken, but made whole as the Light of God’s love enables us to see the reflection of God’s own image in ourselves, which we discover makes us uniquely beautiful.  The role of Kaleidoscope Academy is to serve as the mirrors of God’s love to empower students to discover their unique abilities to bring glory to God.

The instructors of the academy are entrusted with the responsibility of creating an environment  for reflecting the Light of God, to enable learners to discover that  they are created in the image of God, and to encourage them to  use their unique gifts in their living and serving of God.

“Kaleidoscope” suggests an   ever-changing array of options.  The community will continually be surprised to discover new opportunities across a wide “scope” of subjects.

In this place of learning, students will encounter  the   living God.



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