Instrument Exchange




Have an instrument in your home which no one is playing? It’s time to dust it off!

Want to learn to play an instrument, and hoping to find a link to one online?

Kaleidoscope Academy wants to help connect persons who need instruments with those who have instruments.

Please read all the directions below, and post the essential info. to, and we’ll post it to this page.




Essential information required for posting

  • Email address
  • City in which you are located – in the Puget Sound Area
  • Have (kind of instrument)  or Want (kind of instrument)
  • Describe what you have or are looking for
  • If you have an instrument – please state brand name, age, condition, price (if selling) or free to a student.
  • a photo of the instrument being offered in png,  jpeg, or pdf format will help.

Kaleidoscope Academy will only screen for content of these postings, and will edit for uniformity of content.  We will not post phone numbers or street addresses.

We do not take any responsibility for screening persons who offer such instruments, the quality, condition, or value of the instruments.

We strongly recommend persons meet to exchange instruments indoors in public places, such as a music store, where a skilled technician might be able to help assess the condition of the instrument and the cost of any necessary repairs.  It would be advisable to call the store in advance to schedule time for an evaluation.   Please note that instruments may deteriorate without regular use – and the condition may not be the same as the last time an instrument was played several years ago.  However, used instruments may also be in excellent condition and help a student experience the joy of making music!

If traveling to a home to see a large instrument such as a piano, it is wise to not go alone, and to take a skilled musician along with you.

This is a public service to musicians in our community.  We assume no risk or liability for any potential transactions which may occur and advise users to proceed at their own risk in the same manner they might use other public exchange websites.

We hope this website will connect those who want to foster the gift of music in someone’s life.

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