Rocci Medawar




Rocci Medawar

Guitar | Voice | Ukulele




Rocci Medawar has a full student load.   Please note that she will likely have availability in August – September of 2018.


Rocci was born in Southern California to two fun loving parents who always encouraged her to pursue music.  Since she was little, music has been a major part of her life.  Her aunt taught her piano and voice at a young age throwing her into the idea that music could be a great place for her to shine. She slowly began picking up other instruments like trumpet, guitar, bass, banjo and mandolin.

Throughout this journey of life she moved to Washington to pursue worship leadership. She began to give voice and guitar lessons while here and has been giving them for the past two years.   Rocci has a bachelor’s degree from Northwest University studying contemporary music and recording engineering.  She has worked as a worship leader at Bridge City church in Snohomish, where she currently volunteers in youth ministry.

She loves hiking and exploring the Pacific Northwest with best friends, coffee, songwriting, guitar playing, and being a Star Wars nerd!

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